Hotel House Rules

  1. You certify that you will use the room only as a place of residence and will not conduct any business of any type in the room or in the hotel property.
  2. There shall be no sales of any controlled substances like tobacco, alcohol, narcotics, firearms, or deadly weapons from the room or anywhere on the hotel property.
  3. You understand and accept that there is extensive CCTV audio and video recording in the hotel premises and grounds for the safety of all occupants and that if asked will need to share with government authorities.
  4. Guest rooms may not be shared with anyone other than those listed with the hotel register. “Hot rooming,” or sharing the room with another guest or guests continuously over a 24-hour cycle, is prohibited.
  5. You may not sublet your room or share it with any other person. All guests must first register with the front desk before going to your room.
  6. No pets will be allowed without prior approval by hotel management.
  7. If you end your stay early, there are no refunds. We have blocked your room out for the term of your stay, preventing reservations during that time.
  8. Quiet hours in the hotel are from 8:00 PM through 10:00 AM. There should be no loud music or videos, loud conversations, moving of furniture or any noise making.
  9. Partying, drinking, and smoking is strictly prohibited. The red shed by the grassy area behind our main building is the designated smoking area. Please exercise proper decorum and hygiene when using it.
  10. No loitering around the hotel interiors and exteriors shall be allowed as this can disturb other guests and cause security concerns.
  11. Complaints of noise or harassment from guests or employees are considered serious and may result in your removal from the property, without refund.
  12. Smoking, Vaping, hot-boxing, E-cigarettes, pipes, hookah in the rooms is against Whitehorse and Yukon laws and is prohibited. Violations of this will lead to involuntary early departure without refund.
  13. You will keep your room clean and ensure the proper use of all furniture, fixture and equipment at all times.
  14. You will allow housekeeping or maintenance personnel to enter your room to clean, maintain and ensure adherence to hotel house rules.
  15. Linens and towels are for in-room service and are not rags. Please do not remove them from the room. You will be billed for linens and towels which are missing or are soiled or otherwise damaged beyond normal use.
  16. Clean up after yourself. Repeated incidents of littering motel grounds with cigarette butts, drink containers, food, bottle caps or other trash will lead to an involuntary early departure, without refund.
  17. Any inbound mail sent to you and received during your stay may be picked up at the front office during normal hours. The hotel will not take any responsibility for lost or damaged mail or parcels.
  18. Before we release your deposit, we will do a walk-through of your room.
  19. In-room use of crock pots, hot plates, griddles, or any other gas, electric, or open-fired cooking or heating appliance not provided by the hotel is prohibited by Whitehorse and Yukon fire codes. Please refrain from using any of these.
  20. The hotel is a place of business and as such follows a dress code. You need to refrain from dressing inappropriately or in a vulgar manner when you are using common areas like the corridors and elevator.
  21. The hotel is not a homeless shelter. Please use proper hygiene when in common areas. This means ensuring that your clothes, smell and appearance do not alarm hotel guests into thinking that vagrants are in the hotel.
  22. You will never prop open any side doors or fire exits as this endangers the security in the hotel. You will only use the hotel main entrances at the front and back to enter and leave the hotel.
  23. Extensions of your stay may be made a day before checkout day. Extensions are incumbent on room availability and your adherence to the house rules.
  24. This Agreement is in addition to those stated on your rental receipt or those posted in your room.
  25. This Agreement applies to any contiguous extension of your stay.
  26. Any Violations of this Agreement may result in eviction from the property without refund and may subject you to additional damage billings.